OrbitOwl is a full service web design and development agency based in Brisbane, Australia. We leverage open-source technologies such as Drupal to co-create engaging, intuitive, beautiful solutions with organisations of all sizes. Oh, and we love quirky owls ...

We choose to work with progressive organisations whether they be commercial, nonprofit, education or government and we take every opportunity to give back by contributing to the open-source projects that are the backbone of our business, and offering discounted rates to select nonprofit and social enterprise clients.

We’re a small company but we’re responsive, can turn on a dime and punch above our weight.

OrbitOwl is a registered business in the the state of Queensland, Australia and wholly owned by Virtual Realms Pty Ltd (ABN 58 094 021 575), a privately held company which was established in the year 2000.

What's in a Name?

We'd like to say that there's some special significance to the name OrbitOwl, that the double "O" in OrbitOwl signifies "object oriented" programming, that when it's pronounced "orbital" it represents a complete 360 degree solution for business, that owls are intelligent, wise and beautiful creatures, but alas these are merely convenient rationalisations after the fact. In reality we just like quirky blue owls, all the top-level domains were available and the geometric animated OrbitOwl logo came to us in flash of inspiration, so the name stuck.

Founder Bio

Brian Hay is the founder and managing director of OrbitOwl. He's a generalist with almost 20 years' experience in information technology and digital media production, specifically web, 3D and VR development, with stints as a VR teacher, user experience manager, interaction designer and project manager. Brian has been using Drupal for over 10 years, since version 4.6, contributes to the Drupal community and is a current professional member of the Drupal Association.